Research Interests

Heroic Legend and Heldendichtung  >  The aventiurehafte Dietrichepik, Historicizing echoes in the late-medieval Heldenbücher manuscripts, Superhero culture in the Middle Ages

Sound and Voice as Cultural Representation in the Middle Ages > Auditivity and political "broadcast", Hearing as a gesture of cultural subjugation, Listening communities at court

The late-medieval Other  >  15th-century Turcica, Representations of Vlad The Impaler (Dracula), Medieval cartography, Literature of wonders

Gender and Difference in Medieval Culture  > Medieval warrior women, Kriemhild in the Nibelungen tale, St. Birgitta, Medieval queenship, The feminized masculine poet in the High Middle Ages

Monstrosity and the Heroic Body  > Studies on somatic transgresstion & heroic 'disintegration' in Old Icelandic sagas and Middle High German epic

Medieval Scandinavian Literature  > The Old Swedish Eufemiavisor, Ballads and songs of medieval Scandinavia, Cultural transfer in the North Sea / Baltic region in the late Middle Ages